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Keratin Shampoo With Soya Protein For Hair Regrowth (200 Ml)


Scent Natural
Item Weight 400 Grams
Material Type Free Sulphate Free, Paraben Free
Hair Type Normal

Protects The Gloss Of Hair: With age, pollution, exposure to sunlight, and many other reasons, hair loses its natural shine over time. The Keratin hair shampoo from Bail Naturals makes sure that your hair remains shiny and soft. With regular use of this product, your hair can regain its lost lustre in no time. If you are a professional and head out for trips frequently, this shampoo can be your one-stop hair care solution.



The Bail naturals Keratin shampoo with Soya protein provides your hair with only the best known all-natural nutrients.

As if extracted directly from the plants themselves, the all natural Keratin shampoo has added benefits of Soya extract which provides the essential nutrients your hair needs and leaves it be glossy and strong.


Badam oil, Rai tail, Soya oil, etc., make this product one of the best in the market. All these ingredients contribute to hair damage repairing and re-growth of hair.

The Hydro-Keratin complex, Keratin, Keratin Oil Complex, etc., are some more ingredients that make this product ideal for any hair problem.


Sulfate Free, Paraban Free, 100% Vegan

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Mankind was born out of nature, and so it is safe to say that what suits us the best is nature itself.

This Keratin shampoo is the ideal solution for your hair since it prevents breakage, promotes regrowth and reduces hair fall. A must for glossy and healthy hair, it contains all the essential nutrients that help stimulate the growth of new and stronger hair strands.

It gives your hair the desired treatment by preventing breakage, promoting growth and reducing hair fall.


Made with love, and all natural ingredients packed in a 200 ml bottle.

Minimum chemical contact, for your hair only deserves the best.

Happy hair, happy you!



Keratin Shampoo benefits – 


Here are some of the common benefits of using this shampoo regularly.


Hair Cleansing: The day-to-day life makes the hair dirty. When you go out on the roads every day, your scalp gathers a lot of dust, grease, and pollutants, all these together weaken the root of the hair and cause hair fall.


This dust may also lead to some bacterial infections. The deep penetrating formula of Bail Naturals’s Keratin hair shampoo cleanses the pores of the hair follicles thoroughly, leaving your hair 100% clean. Thus, using this shampoo thrice a week can be beneficial for keeping the scalp and hair clean.


Keeps Hair Hydrated: The best part about using Bail Naturals’s Keratin shampoo is its ability to keep hair hydrated. When hair loses its natural hydration, it turns frizzy and dull. And we all know that dry and damaged hair falls off easily during combing. Hence, you experience more hair fall. With Bail Naturals’s keratin hair shampoo with soya extract oil, you can easily solve this problem and keep your hair hydrated.


Hair Repair and Growth: Bail Naturals has some of the best hair treatment products in India, of which this is the best shampoo with Keratin available in the market today.

You can get your lost hair volume back over time by using this product regularly.


Bail Naturals’ Keratin shampoo with Soya extract – Your One Stop Solution For Strong And Lustrous Hair

Bail Naturals’s Keratin hair shampoo is considered one of the best shampoo with keratin in India as it comes loaded with several herbs. Enriched with the goodness of the gems of ayurveda, this Keratin hair shampoo makes your hair smoother, manageable, shinier, and stronger.


With the rising levels of pollution, taking care of hair is becoming all more challenging. Who does not love a thick bunch of lustrous, strong, and tangle-free hair? But problems like hair fall, dandruff, itchy hair, etc., seem to be more common these days than ever. The 21st-century lifestyle contributes to these problems furthermore. If you love your hair, you need the best products for complete hair care.


Bail Naturals’s Keratin hair shampoo with soya extract  is one of the best hair strengthening shampoos available in the market right now. Loaded with the goodness of 100% natural ingredients, this shampoo is ideal for everyone and all hair types. Here are some benefits of using Bail Naturals’s Keratin hair shampoo to add shine and strength to your hair.



Is it fine to use keratin and soya shampoo for hair fall every day?


If you are looking for the best shampoo with keratin in India, Bail Naturals’s Keratin shampoo with soya extracts should be the doubtless choice. However, if you think that keratin hair shampoo can harm your hair if you use it every day, here is the real bite for you.


Keratin hair shampoo is not the same as keratin treatment done in salons. Bail Naturals’s keratin hair shampoos features only the organic herbal ingredients, which in no way harm your hair.


This Sulphate-free, Paraben-free, completely natural hair care solution is perfectly safe for daily use. Therefore, you can indeed use this shampoo every day without any worry.


Since it keeps the hair and scalp thoroughly clean, using it regularly would only ensure zero hair problems for the user.



Check the Keratin shampoo price in India with the Bail Naturals’s prices, and you will surely find the latter reasonable.


To take complete care of your hair, order online today from Bail Naturals to enjoy doorstep delivery without any delay.

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Weight 400 g


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