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With the all-new Bhringraj curry leaf onion oil by Bail naturals, give yourself your much needed everyday oil massage. The all new Bhringraj hair oil by Bail naturals has the perfect blend of Bhringraj oil, curry leaves hair oil and  onion hair oil.

Massaging with this oil is a highly effective way to prevent hair fall and scalp problems as it aids the growth of healthy hair.

Your 21st century hair deserves a traditional and natural treatment- and what’s better than the goodness of bhringraj hair oil, curry leaves hair oil and onion hair oil – all blended in one in the perfect proportions. Relieve yourself of everyday stress and tension by gentle massages of the Bhring raj curry leaf onion oil. Highly effective in preventing hair loss and scalp problems through the growth of healthy hair.

Made with love, and all natural ingredients packed in a 200 ml bottle.
Minimum chemical contact, for your hair only deserves the best.
Sulfate Free, Paraban Free, 100% Vegan

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Bhringraj Hair Oil Benefits

Bhringraj oil contains calcium, iron, Vitamin E and Vitamin D. Therefore, it is one of the most beneficial oils for hair and skin. Here are some of the benefits you can expect from regular use of Bhringraj hair oil.

It Promotes Hair Growth : The nutrients present in Bhringraj oil helps in hair growth. We all lose some hair strands every day during all ages. Bhringraj oil promotes hair growth and does not allow the hair to become thin.

It Prevents Hair Fall : Besides promoting hair growth, Bhringraj oil also strengthens the hair root and stops the strand from falling. If you are suffering from an excessive hair loss problem, use Bhringraj oil daily, and your hair fall problem will reduce over time.

It Is Beneficial For Treating Dry Scalp: Reducing the dryness of the scalp is one of the most critical Bhringraj hair oil benefits. If your scalp turns itchy a few days after shampooing your hair, you can use this oil as a remedy. Bhringraj oil can also be an impactful solution for dandruff problems. Continuous use of this oil reduces flaky skins and dandruff problems.

It Slows Down Greying Of Hair: Bail Naturals’s Bhringraj hair oil comes loaded with the goodness of Haritaki and Jatamansi. Both these herbs are useful for maintaining the natural hair colour. Hence, this oil works towards preserving the natural hair colour and preventing the process of greying.

Treats Scalp Infection : For scalp infections as well, Bail Naturals’s Bhringraj Hair Oil can be your one-stop solution. The anti-bacterial properties of Bhringraj oil make sure that your scalp remains out of any infection. Use this oil regularly to reduce inflammation of the hair follicles and tenderness of the scalp to promote hair growth.

It Nurtures Hair: All the nutrients present in Bail Naturals 100% organic Bhringraj Hair Oil protects and nurtures hair. Daily use of this oil can keep your hair out free of multiple problems. Your hair will also become glowing, lustrous, and healthy with regular use of this oil.


How to use Bhringraj Oil

Applying Bail Naturals’s Bhringraj Hair Oil is easy and hassle-free. Apply it directly on your scalp and massage gently to let it get absorbed. For better absorption, you can heat the oil lightly before applying. Hot oil always penetrates the scalp more efficiently, optimizing the benefits.

If you love your hair and wish to guarantee the best care routine for it, choose Bail Naturals’s Bhringraj Hair Oil.

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How is Bhringraj Oil prepared?

Bhringraj oil, also known as Mahabhringraj Oil, is prepared from the leaves of the Bhringraj plant. To prepare the oil from it, one needs to sun dry the leaves for 2-3 days. You have to add these dried leaves to sesame or coconut oil and leave it under the sun for another 2-3 days. Once the oil turns green, it is ready to use. 

Bail Naturals’s Bhringraj Hair Oil is naturally derived and correctly stored and is the perfect solution to prevent hair fall.

If you are looking for good quality Bhringraj hair oil, buy online to get the product delivered to your doorstep.


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  1. Mini gulati
    5 out of 5

    This hair oil did wonders to my hair , I had major hair fall issues , my hair used to Feel very dry , but soon after trying the bringraj curry leaf oil – my hair turned out so smooth , shiny ! And moreover it has made my hair stronger and healthier ! It’s a must try from bail naturals 👍🏻

  2. Shyam sunder
    5 out of 5

    Highly recommended oil,very good combination of bhringraj,curry leaf & onion….
    Results are very good against hairball..

  3. Dimple wadhwa
    5 out of 5

    This oil have helped me to reduce my hair fall. And just not that but also made my hair smooth and shiny. Highly recommended.

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