Authentic. Deeply therapeutic. And carefully curated.

With Bail Naturals, step into the world of utmost care, love and protection for your skin and hair. We are a traditional beauty and wellness brand with its foundations residing in the science of Ayurveda.

Our brand was born out of the daily hustle of our co-founders. With a magnanimous amount of research and knowledge showered upon by her ancestors, our CEO was a well balanced homemaker and a natural with nature even before the inception of Bail Naturals. Taking her expertise to the next level, she launched her brand that aims to provide effective herbal solutions sans side effects that are beneficial for your skin and hair!

In our relentless pursuit of curating the best for you, we source our products with utmost care and precision. We steer clear of harmful chemicals that are capable of causing even the slightest harm. Our products are scrutinised with extreme precision so that they meet the highest standards of effectiveness. Our natural, authentic Ayurvedic concoctions are like a blessing in a bottle!